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The Superbet platform offers several limitation options, so that you can implement controls and ensure that the game remains fun.

We want to make sure we all play responsibly.  point_right Learn about Responsible Gaming.


If you feel you need a short time out from betting and gaming, you can set a time out period for 1 day, 2 days, 1 week, 1 month, 5 months or for a period of your choice (maximum up to 5 months).


exclamationPlease make sure that you have withdrawn the funds left in your account before setting a time out period. Once you have set a time out, you will only be able to withdraw funds by send us a request by  email at, containing a bank account and a bank statement related to the provided bank account, where we can refund the remaining amount from your actual balance.


At the end of the set period for the game break, the restriction will be automatically canceled and you will have access to your player account and all related options again.


boom You can make the request yourself, from your player account menu!


one Log in to your account, click on account icon in top right position and then select "My Account"


two Select "RESPONSIBLE GAMING" then choose "Time out"


three Select the time out period for which you want to take a time out and press "Set time out"


exclamation It is very important that, before you set any limit, you should inform yourself in detail about the conditions for applying and canceling the limits and restrictions.


point_right If you would like to set limits on your player account, visit the Responsible Gaming section of the site now.

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