Self Exclusion

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Self exclusion is an option for Superbet players to temporarily or permanently limit their access to the player account.

exclamationSelf-exclusion can be processed for a minimum of 6 months. If you want to close for a shorter period of time, please check the Time Out option.

It is very important for us that Superbet players enjoy our services and games, but in a responsible way, without taking things to the extreme and without suffering any kind of damage or inconvenience.

exclamationBefore requesting self exclusion, please withdraw your available amount.  If you cannot withdraw it, request its refund by email to.

You can request self exclusion of the account from the menu of your player account!

Log in to your account, select RESPONSIBLE GAMING then choose SELF EXCLUSION.



To confirm the self exclusion, click on the EXCLUDE ME button in the window that appears.


After confirming your self exclusion, you will automatically log out of your account and will not be able to perform any of the following activities:

  • Account login
  • Accessing any game
  • Deposit funds or withdraw from the account

Once you self exclude your account, you will be removed from the list of promotional communications.

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