How to create a strong password

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To make sure your account stays safe and sound, it's important to use a strong password and keep your personal info up-to-date in your player profile!

To create a sturdy password, just follow these tips:

  • Create a password with a substantial length, comprising a minimum of 8 characters.
  • Employ a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.
  • Avoid using the same password across various platforms. It is advisable to select a Superbet password distinct from those used to access other accounts, such as your email or banking accounts.
  • Ensure that your password does not coincide with your email address, phone number, birthdate, or any terms and numbers associated with you.
  • Steer clear of common words like "Password," refrain from repeating them, and avoid using sequential numbers.

Why is it so important to set a strong password?

In today's digital landscape, cybercrime poses a significant threat. Identity theft can occur through various means such as phishing, risky phone applications, or social media breaches. However, having a robust password remains a potent defense against hackers.

When your password is simpl,  it becomes more susceptible to being discovered through dictionary-based attacks. Depending on the platform targeted, hackers can gain unauthorized access to your account and potentially compromise sensitive information.

Use a password manager and, with its help, use unique and hard-to-guess passwords for every site and service you access.

What additional measures can you take to safeguard your player account?

  • Enable fingerprint login for your player account.
  • Avoid sharing your password with anyone, whether online or in person.
  • Refrain from using the same password across multiple accounts.
  • Never utilize your email account password for any other online platform. In the unfortunate event of a site breach, this could potentially grant unauthorized access to your email.

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