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bulb What does Cash Out unavailable mean?

Find out everything a bettor needs to know about the cash out option not available on bets. Find out here!


The Cash Out function offers the possibility of closing a bet in progress, but the result of which has not yet been decided, the value of the bet being the one at the time of closing. The Cash Out option is available for both mobile and desktop tickets or Superbet  apps .


bulb When does the message "CASH OUT Currently Unavailable" appear?

We can find ourselves in the situation where we encounter the specific button for Cash Out unavailable, even if the Cash Out function was initially active .

bulb We can encounter this impediment in the following situations:

  • drastic change in Odds;
  • bid/Match suspended;
  • the betting option is no longer available;
  • the match is no longer available in the betting offer;
  • the match is interrupted for various reasons (VAR, challenge, unfavorable weather conditions, etc.);
  • fixed phases or dangerous attack, etc.; 
  • an event is already validated as non-winning;
  • a selection does not benefit from the Cash Out option;
  • a completed match is not yet validated;

bulb General Rules

  • Please keep in mind that certain predictions (types of bets) from our offer for pre-match bets are not valid in the live offer of the match you bet on. Therefore, your bet will not benefit from Cash Out if a prediction you have chosen before the start of the match does not have an equivalent odds in the live offer.
  • Even if the Cash Out option appears active, for the bet to be closed and the amount to be credited to the account, this action must be confirmed by the system. 
  • Superbet does not guarantee that the Cashout feature will be available for certain betting options or for certain customers. 
  • The value of the bet at the time of opting for the Cash Out function may undergo changes, and customers should be aware that the available value for which you can use the Cash Out function may be different from the value shown on the betting ticket.
  • If you have successfully opted for the Cash Out function on a bet, it will be settled immediately and any subsequent events related to the bet will not be taken into account.


We want you to always have a SuperExperience on the Superbet platform , which is why we have made the Cash Out function available to you . You always come first to us, and your earnings are also our satisfaction.



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