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What is Bet Builder?

Bet Builder is a functionality that allows you to combine multiple outcomes from the same event on the same selection on the same ticket. Example: You can combine both teams to score, over 3.5 goals, and over 5.5 cards from the same event on a single selection


Bet Builder will be available on the following markets:


  • Final
  • Both teams to score
  • Total goals (over/under)
  • Total corners (over/under) - Total cards (over/under)


Market availability is subject to the general offer availability on an event. If a market is available in the general offer it will also be available in Bet Builder.


Bets created using the Bet Builder functionality can also be placed using bonus money or mixed stakes (real money + bonus money)


Why is the total Bet Builder odd different to multiplying the single odd from each leg?


The single prices shown inside Bet Builder only serve as an indication for users when building their Bet Builder selection.

The actual price is calculated in the backend once users start creating their Bet Builder selection. Since Bet Builder combines multiple outcomes from the same event, we need to recalculate the price taking dependencies of outcomes into account and can not simply multiply the price of individual outcomes (as for regular accumulators).

Can I edit a Bet Builder once added to the Betslip?


No. We currently do not support editing Bet Builder selections after they’ve been added to the betslip. Customers would have to remove the existing selection and/or restart building a new Bet Builder selection.


Where can I find my regular Betslip once I started creating a Bet Builder selection?


To ensure a smooth user experience, we’re hiding the regular Betslip once a customer starts building their Bet Builder selection. The regular betslip will re-appear either after the Bet Builder selection to their betslip, deleting their Bet Builder summary, and/or navigating outside the Bet Builder market group.


Can I combine Bet Builder selections with regular selections from the same event?


No. You can only have one selection from a particular event on your ticket. Either a regular selection (Allowances beeing an exception!) or a Bet Builder selection.


Can tickets containing Bet Builder selections be cashed-out?


During the pre-match phase: Yes. During the in-play phase: No, not yet.

We’ll be working on enabling cash-out of Bet Builder tickets during the in-play phase once the gradual rollout has been completed.


Once a Bet Builder selection has been settled and the remaining ticket would become available for cash-out in the in-play phase again IF supported by the remaining selections.

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