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What are Super Bets?


Super Bets represents a type of bet consisting of combinations of single bets (betting options) that belongs to the same game or event, which has all the characteristics of a single bet

Example: You access the "Sports" category and then select the event A- B from the offer

After selecting the event, under the respective event, you will find the "Super Bets" group.

Super bets are ordered in ascending order by odds. You can use the filter and choose your suitable odds range.

Example: If you want to see only odds greater than 2.00 and less than 12.00, slide (move) the bar to the left or right.

To place a ticket with Super Bets, you only must select "Get" next to the desired prediction, then set the bet and press "Place ticket online". Don't forget that you can place several Super Bets on the ticket, from events (different matches).

Examples of Super Bets:

  • Over 0.5 goals in the match and Over 5.5 corners in the match.

For the bet to be a winner, it is necessary to score at least one goal in the 90 minutes and to have at least 6 corners in the match.


  • Ecuador: scores under 3.5 goals per match, under 8.5 corners per match, over 0.5 cards per match.

For the bet to be a winner, Ecuador must score a maximum of four goals in the match, have a maximum of 9 corners in the match (both teams count) and receive at least one card in the match (yellow cards and tomatoes).

For more details, check the Betting Rules!


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