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The tickets are settled as soon as possible by Superbet as soon as the official result of the event is known.

The official results of the events are taken from third-party providers specializing in data collection (mentioned in the betting option) and from the official websites of the competitions. If the information cannot be obtained from the sources mentioned or if the information available on the official sites is clearly wrong, the result will be determined based on other public sources of information (eg. sites with sports statistics, sports news portals, etc.)


If the result of a bet type cannot be officially verified, Superbet has the right to postpone settlement until official confirmation.


For all sports disciplines, the final result is considered the one recorded at the end of the regular playing time (Ex: football = 90 minutes, hockey = 60 minutes), also including the overtime assigned by officials for the normal interruptions during the game, unless otherwise stated.

E.g.: football friendly games may have different time lenghts or game format (2 x 40 minutes, 3 x 30 minutes).


The bets regarding qualification, such as "Who advances into the next round / Who will be qualified," will be voided if the result of the first leg match is modified by the organizer of the competition.


Odd 1 (Voided bets)


  • If a game is interrupted and resumed within 48 hours from the kick-off, all open bets will be settled based on the final result. Otherwise, all undecided bets will be voided.

E.g. 1: If a Players bets 2 or more goals in the first half of a football match and the game is interrupted in the 40th minute at the score of 1: 1, the bet remains valid and is a winning bet.

E.g. 2: If a Player bets 2 or more goals in the first half of a football match and the game is interrupted in the 40th minute at the score of 1: 0, the bet is voided.


  • If an event is cancelled, postponed, suspended or interrupted before the expiration of the regular playing time and is not rescheduled to restart within 48 hours of the initial programming, the bet for this event is VOIDED and ODD 1 is assigned, except for the situations mentioned in sections 7.2” Tennis,point 3”. This aspect does not include events for which the ORGANIZER mentions an indicative start date and time, because the organizer of the competition out of which the respective event is a part of has not yet determined the start date and time.
  • In the case of any odds displayed or calculated obviously incorrectly, we reserve the right to pay according to the correct odd at that time or void the bet. • If a bet remains open with an incorrect score or incorrect status and has an impact on the odds, we reserve the right to void the bet
  • If the names of the teams / players or the categories are displayed incorrectly, we have the right to void the bet, except for situations in which there are minor typing errors (eg: Ludogrets instead of Ludogorets) and if the subject of the bet is not affected, and participants or teams can be identified without problems, despite the error(s)
  • If types of bets have been offered when the result was already known, we reserve the right to void any of these bets.
  • With the exception of Live bets, if for any reason a bet has been placed after the event started, we reserve the right to void the bets


For full Settlement Rules please check the Betting Rules!


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