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Find out about the latest features of your Super Social account. Enjoy new sports events with your friends on Super Social!

To access and use SuperSocial with all its features, you must have an active Superbet Account.

Through SuperSocial, you can:

  • Share tickets immediately after placing a bet or from your ticket list (odds and winning amount will not be visible);
  • Comment and react on the side of shared tickets;
  • Search and follow other Superbet Social users;
  • Chat in a dedicated virtual room of a live sports event or any other event available for betting on the Website;
  • Receive push and in-app alerts, such as friend requests, what other users are following, alerts about other users' winning tickets, comments on users' tickets;
  • Benefit from other features, as will be made available to you by the Subscriber through Superbet Social.



From the main menu of the application, access the "SuperSocial" section.

Here is the main Social page, where you see tickets placed by you and your friends, right from when they were placed and possibly published.


Edit social profile – if you want to add/change your profile picture, change the name you have in Friends or add a short account description, you need to access the edit social profile section.


You have two ways to get there:


  • access your profile picture at the top right of the page -> Edit social profile, or
  • from the main menu of the application, access the "Menu-> Account -> Edit social profile" section


Notifications - from the main menu of the application, access the Options section -> Account -> Edit social profile -> Set social notifications -> from here you can choose which type of Social notifications you will receive.

To see the notification history, click on your profile picture, located on the top right of the page, next to the ticket scan symbol.


In addition to notifications, here:


  • you can see your followers and the people you follow


  • you can see the history of tickets published by you on Social


  • you can edit your social profile (name, profile picture, account description)



How do I invite a friend to follow me - in the "Friends" section you have the "Share" option and choose the channel through which you want to invite someone to follow you.


How to find a friend - Select the option "Search for friends" then enter part of the person's name. Currently this option is only available in the app.


Friend suggestions – Also in the "Friends" section, we suggest people you can follow.


How do I write to someone privately? Find the person you want to write to, press "Message" then start the conversation. Please note that you can delete sent messages, but you cannot delete chats. Currently this option is only available in the app.


Ticket comments – To leave a comment on your or a friend's ticket, access the "Comment" button next to the ticket. You can write directly or use emoticons to express your opinion about that ticket.

Add to ticket - Also in the "Friends" section where you see all the public bets placed by your friends, if you click on a betting ticket to see the details, you will notice that you have the option to "Add to ticket". This way you can add the events to your ticket, provided they are still available.


Chat per event – For each event on the Superbet platform, be it pre-match or Live, you have a dedicated comment section. To access the section, enter the offer of the event you want to comment on and access "Chat". There you can comment on the match, add your tickets and reply to other bettors' comments.


To add a ticket in Chat, click on the dedicated symbol, present on the right side of the

"Write a message" prompt.


To reply to a message written in Chat, press and hold on that message until the "Reply" option appears. If you do the same for a message written by you, you will be able to reply to the message, edit it or delete it.





How do I delete my profile from SuperSocial?

The option to delete your profile from SuperSocial is not available at this time.



Why am I blocked on chat?

If you cannot leave a comment, and the ⚠️ icon appears next to your message, it means that your right to comment has been restricted for a period between 1 and 30 days because:


You have left comments that incite hatred or racism;

You used licentious language;

You have left a comment announcing marketing actions;

You have made references to/or mentions of other groups/communities;

You left texts promoting goods or services;

You have shared external links;

You have sent the same message more than once (SPAM).


How do I delete someone who follows me?

Currently there is no possibility to select people to follow you, but you have the option to set your profile to "Private".



How do I set my account private so no one can see what tickets I post?

Enter SuperSocial, select "Edit Social Profile" and then enable private mode. By activating this button, only friends you accept will be able to follow you.

How can I change my name in Social?

To change your name, please select "Edit social profile" and then fill in the "Display name" field with the desired name.



How do I search for a person I want to follow?

At this time, the Social search feature is only available in the app. Go to "SuperSocial" then select the "Find Friends" button

Enter the names of the friends you want to find in the search field. If you don't know the full name, you can enter only part of it and all names containing the text you entered will be displayed. For example, if you type "Super" all names containing "Super" will be displayed.

You can also invite people to follow you. In the "SuperSocial" section, you have the "Share" option, where you choose the channel through which you want to invite someone to follow you.


How can I search for specific tickets by League?


At this time, the Social search feature is only available in the app. Go to "SuperSocial" then select the "Find Tickets" button


Supersocial - How do I see my friends' tickets from the moment they are posted and published?


  • Are you frequently missing out on tickets shared by your friends on SuperSocial?
  • Do you follow a large number of people and struggle to keep up with the tickets flooding your homepage?
  • Have you ever received notifications about winning tickets and wished you had seen them right when they were posted?


If any of the scenarios above sound familiar, we have a solution for you. You can now configure notifications to alert you when someone posts a ticket. Here's how:


  1. Visit the profile of the person you want to receive notifications from when they post tickets.
  2. Click on the notification symbol, which can be found at the top right corner of the screen.


As soon as you do this, you will receive the confirmation message: "You have subscribed to this user's tickets" and you will be notified whenever he posts a ticket!

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