Reality Check

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boomNew option to keep you attentive while gambling, you will be notified every 15, 30 or 60 minutes by a pop-up window about the time you are logged in to the company's website.

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The pop-up window will show how long you have been active, the total amount of bets and the total win/loss since the start of the login session.

The pop-up window give you two options, to continue playing or log out.You will not be able to do anything unless one of the options is clicked, meaning you must make a conscious decision to continue or log out.

In case you want to change the time period, you can do so in the My Account section for the period selected in the drop-down menu (15min, 30min 60min). When the Reality Check time period is set, the action will be confirmed to you and will be effective immediately.

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