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:alert:How do OPTA Statistical Bets Work?

Bets on statistics (OPTA) are a component of the statistical betting market that offers options based on data from OPTA Sports, a leading company in sports data. Among the options offered are shots on target, assists, fouls, corners, or even the scoring method!


bulb Where can we find them?

Statistical bets can be found within the usual betting markets, or in the “Odds” section. If there is no line marked with “(OPTA)”, it means that this specific type of bet is not available for that match. See the exemple below:


bulbWhere are the results obtained?

OPTA statistics bets are validated by OPTA Sports, a company focused on sports statistics.

With the help of the site where the events are validated, you can check your bets on your own. All you need to do is select the date of the event for which you want to check the statistics and the league to which it belongs. There you will find detailed statistics about each player and team.


bulbHow is the validation done?

Chute a gol: a tentativa clara de um jogador de marcar um gol. Shots on Target:

If the ball is heading towards the goal and would have gone in if not for the goalkeeper's save, or another player's intervention when the goalkeeper couldn't stop it, it is counted as a shot on goal. Shots that hit the post directly are not counted as shots on goal unless they bounce in and a goal is awarded.Shots blocked by players other than the goalkeeper, who are not the last defender, are not considered shots on goal.


An assist is considered any final touch that leads to a goal scored by the player who receives the pass. If the final touch is deflected by an opposing player, it is only considered an assist if the ball would have reached the intended recipient regardless of the deflection. 


The offside is attributed to the player sanctioned by the referee for being in an offside position. If two or more players were in an offside position at the time of the pass that resulted in the offside, the player considered the most active in the play and who attempted to play the ball will be considered offside.

The method of scoring a goal includes the options: Shot, Header, Own goal, Penalty, Free kick, or No goal.

Shot - The goal must be scored with any part of the body other than the head, and the other types do not apply. Settlement is made using statistical data from Opta.

  •   Header - The final touch by the scorer must be with the head. Settlement is made using statistical data from Opta.
  • Own goal - If the goal is declared as an own goal. Settlement is made using statistical data from Opta.
  • Penalty - The goal must be scored directly from the penalty kick. Settlement is made using statistical data from Opta.
  • Free kick - The goal must be scored directly from a free kick or corner kick to be considered a free kick goal. Settlement is made using statistical data from Opta.
  • No goal - No goal scored.

For player statistics betting options (Goalscorer, player to score, player to give an assist, etc)

  • In the case of pre-match bets, if the player is not part of the starting 11, the bets will receive Odds of 1.
  • In the case of live bets, if the player being bet on is not on the field at the time of placing the bet, they will receive Odds of 1.


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