What is the minimum and maximum number of events that can be played on a ticket?

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How many events can be placed on a single betting ticket?


Single (Solo) betting ticket and Simple (Multiple) betting ticket

  • On a single betting ticket, you can bet on between 1 and 30 events. An event is a single betting ticket, while 2 or more events form a multiple betting ticket.
  • The minimum bet is R$0.50. • The final odds are calculated by multiplying the individual odds of each event, and the winnings are calculated by multiplying the final odds by the bet amount.
  • You can combine pre-match events with live events on your tickets.


Example: You create a ticket containing 4 events. The first prediction chosen has odds of 1.60, the second 1.85, the third 2.80, and the fourth 2.35.

The final odds are calculated by multiplying these odds: 1.60 * 1.85 * 2.80 * 2.35 = 19.47.

The winnings are calculated by multiplying the final odds by the bet. In our example: 19.47 * 10 = R$194.70



As you may have noticed, the potential winnings value is different from what it should be according to our calculations above. This occurs because of the SuperBonus! Understand how it works here!


Starting with just 3 events on your ticket, either Pre-match of Live, enjoy a 2% bonus. Increase your potential winnings with every other event added up to a whopping 100% for 25 or more events


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What you need to know

  • The minimum odds are 1.25 for each event selection
  • Both Pre-match and Live events are eligible
  • All betting options are eligible, even SuperOdds, SuperBets or bets created using the Bet Builder functionality
  • If any of the events is voided (odd 1.00), the bonus grid is applied to the rest of the events listed on the betting ticket.
  • SuperBonus will also apply to bets placed with mixed stake (real money and bonus money), or those placed only with bonus money


System ticket:

System betting combines multiple selections from different events into a single ticket, allowing you to choose various bet types and manage risk by including fixed selections. Odds are calculated by multiplying the individual odds of each selection, and potential winnings are determined by multiplying the final odds by your stake. It offers flexibility and the chance for larger payouts if all fixed selections are correct.

  • Single System Bets - require the correct prediction of the minimum number of selected events. In this case, the maximum potential winnings are calculated using a mathematical algorithm, considering the stake placed and a factor of the odds for the events selected. The more correct predictions made beyond the minimum requirement, the higher the potential winnings.
  • Fixed System Bets - involve correctly predicting, in addition to the events in the combinations (where the minimum condition is met), a set number of events for which the exact Prediction must be indicated. This bet combines aspects of both single bets and single system bets, with the maximum potential winnings determined by the stake placed, multiplied by the combined odds of the selected events from the system, and the calculated odds, as described in the previous paragraph for combined events.

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