I bet on a game that was postponed. What happens to my bet?

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Read below some information about the situations in which an event is postponed, canceled or interrupted.


boom IMPORTANT! The deadline for the math to be restarted is the next day until 23:59 local time of the match venue.

Example: If the match Real Madrid - FC Barcelona, ​​which starts at 22:30 Spanish time (17:30 on Brazilian time) on Saturday, is interrupted -> If the match is not continued until Sunday at 23:59 Spanish time, all bets undecided will be cancelled.


The new point in the regulation:

14. If an event is countermanded, postponed, suspended or interrupted before the expiration of regular playing time and is not rescheduled to resume by 23:59 (time of the venue of the match) on the second day after the scheduled initial, the bet for this event is NIL and it is given RATE 1, except for the situation mentioned in section 7.2 Tennis, point 3. This aspect does not include the events for which the operator mentions an indicative start date and time, because the competition organizer from which the respective event is part of has not yet determined the start date and time.


alert In exceptional situations, tickets can be validated within a maximum of 3 days from the end of the event/events.


In tennis, if an event is interrupted, then you have to wait for it to continue.

=> If one of the players withdraws before the start of the event, then odds of 1 are given.

=> If one of the players withdraws during the match, the event will be validated according to the result on the field: either winner, loser or draw.



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