What is a system/combined bet?

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What does system bet mean at Superbet?


The Superbet system ticket involves the selection of several events from the offer (minimum 2, maximum 30) which preserves the possibility that one or more of the matches on the ticket may not turn out as you bet and still win money, on the principle of 3 good out of 5, 7 out of 8 or 10 out of 16. The ticket will show the number of possible combinations and the win you can get on that ticket.

Some of the matches on the ticket can be chosen as fixed: missing these matches will make the ticket non-winning. Fixed matches, or bases, as they are also called, can be the games on the outcome of which you are the most certain, and they help you get the biggest win on a combined betting ticket.


Superbet system ticket calculation example:


If a customer plays 5 matches and plays SYSTEM 4/5, it means (according to the formula "n" combinations taken by "k") that he played 5 combinations. Let's assume that the 5 matches have odds c1, c2, c3, c4, c5, and the stake played on the ticket is 5 Ron. It means that he played on a combination 5 ron / 5 variants = 1 ron (bet on the combination). The 5 variants will be:

C2*C3*C4*C5*1 (combination bet) + BONUS (if applicable) = Win 1                                                  

C1*C3*C4*C5*1 (combination bet) + BONUS (if applicable) = Win 2                                                  

C1*C2*C4*C5*1 (bet on combination) + BONUS (if applicable) = Win 3                                                  

C1*C2*C3*C5*1 (combination bet) + BONUS (if applicable) = Win 4                                                  

C1*C2*C3*C4*1 (bet on combination) + BONUS (if applicable) = Win 5                                                  

If the player hits all predictions and has no odds of 1 then he will reach the maximum win: Win 1+ Win 2+ Win 3+ Win 4+ Win 5. If he loses a match then he will win 4(k) / 4 (number of predictions guessed) = 1 winning option. If he loses 2 matches the ticket is non-winning.

In general, the NUMBER OF WINNING VARIANTS on a ticket with "N" matches and K/N system is calculated as K / the number of matches won by the customer.

Example system bet:

If a customer plays 5 / 9 = 126 variants and gets 7 correct predictions, then the number of winning variants will be calculated according to the formula 5 / 7 = 21 winning variants. 


What is the accumulator bet:

It is a ticket that contains 2 or more events on a single ticket.


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