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boom Find out what betting on cards are, what are the advantages, but also how you can be as close as possible to winning. Discover the article below!


Learn all about card betting

Cards represent disciplinary sanctions against certain players. They can be of two types: yellow or red.

At Superbet , you have both Pre-match and Live card betting options. You can bet on cards in the match, cards per team, players or even points for cards.


Superbet rules - cards:

In the case of betting on cards – when the color of the card is not specified:

  • The yellow card is considered 1 card;
  • The red card is considered to be 2 cards.
  • In case of a red card due to two yellows, the second yellow is nulled and the sum is 3 cards (1 yellow + 2 red).

Examples of betting options where the color of the card is not specified:

  • Total cards
  • First half - total cards
  • Next 15 minutes – cards from 15:00 to 20:00

Ex.1: If a player receives a red card following two yellow cards, a player's second yellow card does not count as a player cannot have more than 3 cards.

Ex.2: If a player receives a yellow card and then takes a straight red card, it is considered to be 3 cards for that player.

The Total cards option allows you to bet on Total cards in the match or Total cards in the team. In the first case, you have to consider the total number of cards given during the game, regardless of how many cards a particular team receives. On the other hand, for Total cards in the team you have to take into account the number of cards received by the team you bet on. In this situation, the total number of cards played no longer matters.

If the color of the cards (yellow or red) is specified, a red card is no longer considered as 2 cards but only as 1.

  • In the case of a second yellow card resulting in a red card, both yellow cards are counted.
  • A direct red card does not count as a card point.

In summary, we do not count red cards in the yellow card market.


What is total card points?

In the case of bets on total card points:

  • 1 yellow card = 10 points
  • 1 red card = 25 points

A player cannot accumulate more than 35 total card points. Thus, if the player receives two yellow cards followed by a red card, the second yellow card is not taken into account:

  • Straight red card = 25 points
  • Red card consisting of 2 yellows = 35 points


In the case of all card bets, validation is done according to all evidence shown within the regulation time of 90 minutes.

Cards shown after regular time, nor those received by: players who have been substituted, coaches and coach staff, players on the bench, are not taken into account.




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