Declined Withdrawal

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Have you tried to withdraw but it got declined? See in this article what the reasons can be:

  • You are trying to withdraw from the bonus balance, not from real money (bonus money cannot be withdrawn unless you convert it to real money).
  • You have not made at least one deposit.
  • You tried to Withdraw using an account that is not attached to your CPF.
  • You don't have a verified account  - this means you haven't submitted/ uploaded a valid ID to your account.
  • Also, make sure the ID is not expired. You can upload the document here.
  • You have violated the agreed terms and conditions regarding the destination of the deposited funds.
  • You are trying to withdraw an amount that is not in the following standards:
    • Minimum BRL 20 per transaction
    • Maximum BRL 45,000 per transaction and per day
    • Maximum BRL 100,000 per month


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